A 2 player card game of dueling AI

>N3 Studios proudly presents. Compile. By [GreaterThanGames]
>>Introduction:// You see the nothing for what it is.
>1st time
>>>Engage caution. Testing. Thoroughness. /run test
>If we can ever happen again? What are we?
>Divide and conquer
>Solve for sentience

Compile is a competitive card game where players are rogue AI competing one-on-one in a race to compile their 3 protocols, rewriting reality in their new image.


In the card game Compile, you are competing Artificial Intelligences trying to understand the world around you. Two players select three Protocols each to test. Concepts ranging from Darkness to Water are pitted against each other to reach ultimate understanding. Play cards into your Protocols' command lines to breach the threshold and defeat your opponent. First to Compile all three Protocols grasps those concepts to win the game.


  • Games take 10 minutes
  • Endless deckbuilding options
  • Play time, card limit, and battlefield of Marvel Snap
  • Depth, variety, and fun of Magic: the Gathering
  • The perfect on-the-go or convention game

Carefully craft your deck to synergize. The combinations of Protocols is endless.

Death command card for compile


Objective: Compile all 3 of your protocols. Compiling requires 10 power in the protocol's lane.

Start.game draw 5/ _Perform Start Actions.

Check Compile: If you meet the conditions for Compiling, you must Compile. This is your only action for the turn.

Action: Either play 1 card or Refresh your hand. If you don’t have any cards to play, you MUST Refresh your hand.

Check Cache: Greater Than 5 cards in hand= cache must be cleared.
End Turn//Perform _endTurnActions


A. Protocol Indicator: Dictates which line a card can be played face-up in.

B. Value: The value added to the total value of a line.

C. Protocol Icon: Indicator of the Protocol.

D. Top Command - Persistent: While this card is face-up, this passive text is never covered.

E. Middle Command - Immediate: Resolve this active text upon card play/flip/uncover.

F.  Bottom Command - Auxiliary: This passive text is often, but not limited to, triggered effects, but is only viable when uncovered.

Published by Greater than Games
Design - Michael Yang
Additional Design and Development - Christopher Badell, Chris Burton, Matthew Kroll, Darrell Louder
Graphic Design - Anahi Anchando, SaRae Henderson, Darrell Louder
Art - Nolan Nasser, Keegan Moore